Strains of Cannabis Seeds

A bit of confusion comes up, especially when first learning of all the different variations presented to oneself while perusing Cannabis Seeds. What exactly is the difference between all these terms, Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Feminized, Auto-flowering? Well, it’s not as complicated as it seems. It all comes to personal preference.

First off, let’s look at the basic differences between the genotypes; that is Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids. The Sativas are generally seen as the more psychedelic options for Cannabis. They are higher in THC, and as a result produce a much more “upper” effect. You may feel giddy or energetic, maybe more creative as well when using plants grown from Sativa seeds. The Sativa also grows in its own unique way, it tends to be more tall than that of the Indica and brighter green in color while also tending to have a more sweet and fruity smell.

The Indica, on the other hand, can be seen as the antithesis to the Sativa. It is higher in CBD compounds, the other main ingredient in THC, so it is more relaxing and pain relieving. Indica strains are responsible for that couch-lock feelings many report when using Cannabis. It grows the opposite of Sativa as well, short and stocky and dark green. It tends to have a more potent earthy or skunky smell that is actually very powerful and caution should be taken if stealth is the name of the game while growing these plants. A Sativa will grow upwards, while an Indica will grow outwards.

Now the hybrids, are obviously a hybrid of these two. Which plant dominates the genome when grown will vary greatly depending on the conditions it is kept in while growing. Expect traits from each plant type to show through, maybe a tall and dark colored plant or a short bright green plant. The smells will vary as well, hybrids tend to be pretty unique in odors with some plants that were bred deliberately just for a certain scent and flavor characteristic such as the berry Kushes.

Feminized seeds can come from any of these three genomes, and they are what you would expect – fully female plants. Female plants are the ideal as if you have both male and female plants growing you risk the males impregnating the females. An unfertilized female not only has an increased yield, due in part to the lack of seeds, but also is much more potent than one that has been pollenated.

Finally, Auto-flowering seeds are a relatively new idea that came about by crossing one of the geno-types with a rare form of Cannabis known as Cannabis ruderalis. These plants come from the steppes of mountainous Asia and are extremely hardy. They also have the unique characteristic of flowering, no matter what, without worrying about light changes like the other varieties. Meaning you can set these in the grow, and they will grow and then flower like clockwork at about 10 weeks without additional work like a standard seed.