About Me

Welcome to the world of Cannabis! I’m proud to have started writing about my favorite subject of all time, and I hope my words can help others learn the art and pleasure of Cannabis. I started this journey alone during an introspective time of my life, hoping to feel out what my mind really wanted from me. Cannabis has eased this transitional period and nowadays I feel a sense of purpose with what I do, instead of floating aimlessly from idea to idea without actually jumping on them.

I started my journey at the age of 25 after breaking up with a longtime boyfriend of mine, not knowing where to go or even what I wanted to do anymore. A decision I made was to go out and try to meet people, didn’t matter where I just needed some people to relate with. I started at the bars, and I did meet some good people there. The thing with making friends with alcoholics is that you can never fully trust their plans or the way they really feel. Everything is up in the air until they come down.

Luckily for me I continued searching past this life style of drinking and partying with “friends” and ended up finding myself in good company at a Cannabis club in Colorado by pure happenstance and curiosity of what was going on in these places. Turns out, this was the plant and people I had been looking for.

I ended up enjoying my time immensely with the people in the Cannabis club. Number one, because the people I met were in tune with the way I thought. A bit weird, a bit eclectic, but mainly just trying to understand life and make meaning out of meaningless situations. Beyond that though, there was the Cannabis. It helped immensely with my anxieties and let me see what I truly wanted to do, and that’s help people; specifically kids.

So, I began school for social work. All thanks to Cannabis which helped me see the direction I wanted to go, I’m now graduating with an excellent GPA with my Bachelors of Social work and I hope to use this to my best of abilities helping confused kids figure out what life really is and what place they want to find themselves in.

Still, though, Cannabis has always been a big part of this. It helps balance me out, ease the burden of the day, and relieve that tension in my mind I’ve felt since a small child. The anxiety and the existential anguish. Life is hard, and anything that can help without debilitating you is a good thing in my book. So, now I’m writing about the stuff. I want to help people, so I figured what better way than try to spread the good word via the internet and help people learn of a basically inert and safe substance that can help them find their way. My name is Alic Valecourt, and I endorse Cannabis wholeheartedly.